Rain Beau's End
Rain Beau's End
How do you accept the unacceptable?
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Story Summary

When a prominent and progressive lesbian couple adopts a child with a genetic predisposition for violence, they must contend with their hard-lined stance on acceptance as they struggle to raise their family in the spotlight. 


About Rain Beau’s End

Rain Beau’s End is so much more than a story about two women raising a child. Beau, the young boy that they adopt, is diagnosed with 47,XYY shortly after they bring him home. In the late 90s when our story begins, 47,XYY, or Jacob’s Syndrome, was erroneously believed to undeniably predispose a boy to aggression. Our story spans 20 years as our two main characters, Hannah Driver and Jules Paradise, navigate the bumpy waters of Beau’s behavioral issues and how it not only affects his life and the small town they inhabit, but most especially their relationship. As both Beau and research grows, Hannah and Jules must face the reality of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In symbolic keeping with “The diagnosis is all you see,” Beau is never actually seen in the film. Only his essence and his effect are made manifest as these two women ask, “How can we accept the unacceptable?” when their child’s behavior is by all counts everything they stand against.


LGBT Families

Rain Beau’s End is the first serious lesbian family drama since The Kids are All Right, which grossed over 30 million at the box office. A seriously untapped niche, more same sex families are blossoming than ever, and this movie is a direct appeal to them and their loved ones. It both sensitively and accurately depicts the nuances of its main characters and their relationship while maintaining a genuine appeal to a wide audience.



Rain Beau’s End is a fresh take on the traditional family drama. Hannah Driver and Jules Paradise inhabit a small town, and are very prominent figures. They’ve had to fight for the acceptance they’ve earned as a lesbian couple in the 90’s, and their adopted child challenges everyone’s, even their own, stance on acceptance.



The main characters in Rain Beau’s End adopt a young boy, Beau, who gets diagnosed with an extra Y chromosome in the 1990’s. At this time, very little was known about the condition. As we follow the couple over the course of 20 years while they raise him, both they and the audience learn not only about the condition, but about the reality of giving a young child a negative label.


Adoptive Families

Rain Beau’s End takes a new perspective on the adoptive child family. Beau is certainly the adoptive son, but for once, it does not define the character. Beau’s behavioral issues are addressed and he is diagnosed, albeit with severely skewed implications, with 47,XYY as a young boy, and we watch as this diagnosis defines him…without ever seeing him in the film.


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The Cast

as “Gunny”

as “Gunny”

Ed asner

Twenty-time nominated and Seven-time Primetime Emmy-Winning Ed Asner joins us on the cast as Gunny, the father of our main character.

HANNAH and JULES sit next to each other at the dining room table. JULES studies HANNAH’s father, GUNNY (80s), who chews dinner as if he’s deciding whether to swallow or not. Retired GI Joe on grits. Clanging flatware cuts the silence.

as “Nat”

as “Nat”

Sean Young

From blockbuster titles such as “Blade Runner,” “No Way Out,” “Dune,” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” Sean Young joins our cast as “Nat.”

Enter NAT “SLICK FLICK” FLICKERMAN (40s), Hannah’s law firm partner, best friend, and professional spitfire. Wino Yoda.”

as “Hannah”

as “Hannah”

janelle snow

Janelle Snow is graduate of Northwestern and Harvard Universities and has been active in the Chicago acting community for over two decades, appearing on stage at the Goodman, Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens, American Theatre Company, Chicago Dramatists, Eclipse Theatre, Circle Theatre and more, picking up multiple Jeff nominations and awards along the way. She joins our cast as our first lead, Hannah Driver.

“A coffee pot gurgles. HANNAH DRIVER (late 30s) taps her fingers over the kitchen sink while she fingers a “DRIVER FOR MAYOR” button with her face on it. She is fine china, glued so tightly that the cracks are invisible, even to her. She pours herself a cup of coffee and inhales its aroma from a tall flawless WHITE MUG.”

as “Jules”

as “Jules”

amanda powell

Amanda Powell is an actor and conservationist from Gainesville, Florida.  The majority of her work has been in television and commercials.  Her poetry was recently featured on WBEZ’s “The Morning Shift.” She joins our cast as our second lead, Jules Paradise.

In a small corner, Hannah’s partner, JULES PARADISE (late 20s), practices yoga by candlelight in the early morning darkness. She is a beacon of peace, but inside she holds a lifetime of rage.

as “Principal Stone”

as “Principal Stone”

christian stolte

Known widely for his character, “Mouch,” on the NBC Series, Chicago Fire, Christian Stolte can also been seen in blockbusters, Law Abiding Citizen and Public Enemies. He joins our cast as Beau’s Guardian, Principal Stone.

The principal’s office decor is 50 shades of beige, cluttered with old trophies and family photos. PRINCIPAL STONE, 50s, sits behind his desk in a sweater vest. HANNAH glances at her watch like she’s been there a hundred times before.”

as “Kendra”

as “Kendra”

melanie chandra

Known for her character, “Malaya,” on the CBS series Code Black, Melanie Chandra joins our cast as Hannah’s campaign manager, Kendra.

“HANNAH struts through the door, speaking Spanish into her cell phone. She’s dressed the part of a no-nonsense mayoral candidate -- a tornado in Gucci. Her campaign manager, KENDRA (30s), parades behind her. Exotic, ruthless, the regarded devil on Hannah’s shoulder.”

as “Tim”

as “Tim”

kirk kelleykahn

Kirk Kelleykahn is the Executive and Managing Director of the Cambridge Players in Los Angeles. In 2016, he was nominated for the N.A.A.C.P. Image Theater Awards for "Best Actor." In 2009 he went on to snag the Prestigious Award as "Best Producer" for the Cambridge Players production of playwright Celeste Bedford Walker's "Reunion in Bartersville," and a "Best Cast Ensemble" Nomination as well. And in 2014, he was named in the Top 5 Actors to Watch in Variety Magazine. He joins our cast as Tim Becker.

“HANNAH and her law partner, TIM BECKER (late 30s), a submissive over-achiever and HANNAH’s old college boyfriend, scan a large spread of paperwork.”



“The energy on set was beyond creative collaboration. It was joyful, even in the pressed moments. The heart of every cast and crew member is present in every frame.”

jennifer cooney  |  screenwriter & producer




Tracy Wren The director of two features and the recipient of numerous awards, Tracy Wren directed Neighbors, a short drama adapted from three Raymond Carver stories, starring Gil Bellows, and which received the Royal Canadian Reel Award.Claude et Albert, a short doc about two Cajuns killing a turkey for Christmas took first place at the Kerry Film Festival adjudicated by director Sir John Boorman for Ardmore Studios. Tracy Wren’s films have screened worldwide and won numerous awards. She earned her Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Northwestern University. She then went on to receive an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa and an M.F.A. in Directing from the School of Cinematic Arts at USC. She has also received awards for her writing including the Northwestern University Short Fiction Literary Award and a Stand Magazine Award. She has taught filmmaking at the Pepperdine Summer Film School and at the Monarch School for Cinequest in San Diego. Her 2012 short film, Autism and Cake starring Ed Asner has screened in several film festivals. Apart from being deep in development of Rain Beau's End, Tracy is currently in pre-production for her next feature, It Just Came Out.  Tracy is also a member of the WGA. Tracy is also a Producer on Rain Beau’s End.



Jennifer Cooney is a screenwriter, poet, and photographer. She earned her degree from Duquesne University, and post-graduation, attained further accreditation by completing professional certification programs in screenwriting and film production in New York City, and photography in Paris. She is the founder and owner of HalfJack Generation, the production company under which she is a Producer on Rain Beau’s End. She has several other scripts in various stages of development and intends to produce and direct her original projects. She has been a finalist in numerous screenwriting contests and her script, Winter Jasmine, was named in the Top Ten in an international script competition. She is a three-time published poet, and owns and operates a holistic wellness center with her wife in the Pennsylvania countryside.



Kevin Otterness is a Chicago-based cinematographer and director of photography. He has been working in the film industry for over 25 years. He is principal and founder of POSTHOUSE PICTURES, an independent motion picture company that specializes in services for feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos and production of original content. Throughout his career he has honed his craft to give all of his productions a truly cinematic look with richness of color and quality composition. That, coupled with his collaborative work style, visionary skill, and overall professionalism allow him to deliver an exceptional product to his clients. Some of the brands he has worked with include Sony PlayStation, HBO, FOX, CBS, Motorola, Nike, Jeep, Hampton by Hilton, The Second City, MTV, WebMD and Footlocker.



Joe Orlandino started his career in 1973 producing and starring in award-winning pre-MTV music videos. His live action/animated music video, Video Child, received awards at the '81 Chicago International Film Festival and '82 Athens International Film Festival. Joe is the executive producer of all of his wife-writer/director Lucia Mauro's inspiring films: In My Brother's Shoes, One Year Later, Frances Xavier Cabrini: The People's Saint, Voci del diario (Entries), as well as her Italian-language TV pilot, The Cooking American. In addition, he is the producer of the coming-of-age comedy, Ascots; Bruce Springsteen buddy dramedy, Man at the Top; the in-development period drama, Anita & Margaret (with a screenplay by Lucia Mauro); the Italian feature, Ad ogni costo;  WWII mini-series pilot, The Vanquished, TV reality pilot, The Adventures of William Flugel; and the sailing series, Sailors On Boats Drinking Beer aka Fair Winds & Down Drafts. Rain Beau's End's script is based on Joe's original story, and the production owes its conception to him.


Rich “RB” Botto is the founder & CEO of Stage 32, the world's largest online platform dedicated to connecting film creatives. Launched in 2011, Stage 32 has over 500,000 members across the globe. RB has produced no less than three indie films and has the ability to leverage his network for securing Executive Producers, developing a wide and deep marketing initiative, and building the film’s the critical audience base. RB is the author of Crowdsourcing For Filmmakers: Indie Film And The Power Of The Crowd (American Film Market Presents).


Normann Pokorny has established himself as a top-tier Assistant Director in Chicago working on such prestigious television projects as ER, Chicago Code, The Girlfriend Experience, and The Exorcist.  He’s also worked on theatrical shows like Save The Last Dance, Straight Talk, and Transformers 3.   In addition, he has served as producer on various films as well as been a finalist in several writing competitions.  Normann is currently developing a handful of scripts as a producer/director.


Jeff Nutting is the Vice President of Cambridge Players, Inc. an L.A.-based theater company with numerous award-winning actor and writer alums.  He shared NAACP Image Award honors for Best Producers for Reunion in Bartersville in 2009.  Jeff is a W.G.A. member and is producing several films currently in development.  He has also closed over $9bn in financial transactions; his professional investment experience spans the fields of investment banking, real estate private equity, hedge funds, and wealth management, where he's a current partner and CFO of an independent RIA.  Previously, Jeff served in the U.S. Air Force as a Captain and Intelligence Officer.  He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame with a BBA in Finance & History and completed its Honors Program. He received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a double major in Finance and Real Estate, and is a C.F.A. charterholder.


Co-Producer, Lucia Mauro Before telling stories through film, Lucia Mauro was a longtime Chicago theater critic/arts journalist and photographer. Her 2014 short film, In My Brother's Shoes, starring Danny McCarthy (Boardwalk Empire, Elvis & Nixon) as a man who honors his fallen U.S. Marine brother by taking a pilgrimage to Rome in his sibling's combat boots, was awarded Best Short Film at the 2015 Vatican Film Festival. It also was featured in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner. Lucia is the writer-director of the 2016 feature, One Year Later, about an American woman who takes a cathartic trip to the Italian Alps one year after completing cancer treatment. It was nominated for Best Original Score at Montreal's Views of the World Film and Music Festival. Her poetic 2017 documentary, Frances Xavier Cabrini: The People's Saint -- about the great humanitarian and patroness of immigrants -- was an Official Selection of the Catholic Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Lucia most recently wrapped shooting in Italy on her narrative short film, Voci del diario (Entries), which explores the life cycle through journal writing. She and her husband-producer Joe Orlandino are the founders of the non-profit, In My Brother's Shoes, Inc., which creates a forum for live screenings of films that address healing, resilience and human connection. Lucia cast the bulk of Rain Beau's End and served as a script consultant.


Co-Producer, Ed Pope was a producer of the 2015 Vatican Film Festival Best Short Film winner In My Brothers Shoes. His 30-year career as an entertainment industry live-event professional has earned him a deep roster of clients that include the Fraternal Order of Police, O-Shows, the Arcada Theatre, the Illinois Equestrian Society, the Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame, the Special Olympics and more. He recently began development talks with Lucas Oil™ for his motorsports reality show Lap Dawgs.


Associate Producer, Ryan Leshock is the founder and owner of Elevated Media LLC, an Illinois-based aerial photography and media production company.  When he is not creating advertising projects for real estate and business clients, Ryan is pursuing his passion for short films.  His short film, “A Good Explanation” was recently awarded 1st place in the 7 Day Challenge for the Midwest Media Educators Association (MMEA) competition.  He has been nominated in six other categories in the 2019 MMEA competition, including movie trailer, short comedic narrative, and cinematography reel, among others.